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Watching stoners - What popular movies are featuring marijuana use?

What associations do you have with drug use on TV? Probably, you imagine the pictures of bad guys selling drugs off the street or running away from police, businessman binding over white powder on the table or friends listening to Reggie and smoking weed. Exactly, this is how marijuana was described earlier until it was officially legalized in more than 50% of American states.
Now you associate it more with medical cases than a dangerous substance, buying oils, gummies, and pills to get rid of anxiety and insomnia (as an example, check just cbd gummies review for more information about its products, properties and use). Production containing cannabidiol is now widely available online in specialized shops like elixinol cbd and other brands. With its extensive use, people now are more interested in books and movies describing marijuana impact and role in characters` adventures.
That is why Netflix announced about entertaining the viewers with a variety of cannabis-friendly movies and TV shows available on its website.

Top 10 Netflix shows based on cannabis

With more cannabis-based products available in stores (compare sunday scaries gummies reviews with just cbd review to have a better idea on what the shops can offer), people show more interest in this substance. Netflix noticed significant growth in views of documentaries on marijuana history like Rolling Papers, good dramas like Weeds, or humorous shows like Disjointed. We have written down the brightest examples of «marijuana genre» for you to choose:

Cheech and Chong: Up in Smoke

The name of this movie, released in 1978, speaks for itself. These guys smoke always and everywhere: at home, at concerts, in their lovely Chevy Impala and even in court and the size of joints doesn`t matter;

The Hangover

The classic bro comedy filled with humor, alcohol, parties, ridiculous moments, and, of course, marijuana consequences. When three groomsmen get really wasted after a few heavy joints in Las Vegas, they try to recover their memories and get the groom back;

Mac and Devin Go to High School

The movie is about Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa, well-known for…you know. They are in high school trying to graduate so you can expect 75 minutes of real fun (especially with a THC at hand);

The Naked Gun

This movie doesn`t need to be introduced; a brilliant Leslie Nelsen makes it fun, stupid, and easy to watch. And, of course, cannabis is also mentioned;

Rolling Papers

As marijuana was legally accepted in a number of states, it made other industries adapt to this change, including journalism. The movie tells us about The Denver Post that became the first one to hire a drug critic;

Scary movie

All parts of this franchise are filled with a couple of guys who are always high and accompanied by other school seniors. The plot is fun and sometimes even ridiculous and is parodied to the extent. This is the top popular scary movie among teenagers;

Spring Breakers

The story starts with a failed trip when four friends are arrested for drug consumption. They are later saved by a rapper (at the same time, drug-dealer) who welcomes them to join his business ventures;


This is the classic gangster movie with adventures, drugs, and best rock soundtracks. Better watch with a little THC in the blood;

American Vandal

This is the satirical comedy about a couple of school journalists who are trying to discover who made the school crime. The investigation is accompanied by smoking weed;

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

The Netflix documentary series, formed as a travel and food show where the chef smokes weed with celebrities.

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